Expected Features of Odoo 15

10/29/2021 12:04:28 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

Odoo ERP needs no introduction, it is one of the most used and trusted open-source ERP solutions across the world. It is a remarkable business management platform that perfectly fits into all sizes of business. Odoo has over 4 million customers around the globe from different business industries. In other words, Odoo ERP can be implemented in any kind of business industry, whether it is manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, or education and healthcare. This open-source platform is one of the fastest-growing ERP platforms.  

Odoo is a completely integrated, open-source, customizable ERP software encompassing thousands of business applications. This solution is capable of fulfilling the requirements of all businesses. In other words, it is able to meet a majority of business needs. Be it  CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting. Project, Timesheets, and Human Resource Management, all the business functions can be covered in Odoo. All things considered, it is an all-rounder software that is designed to fulfill the requirements of organizations regardless of their sizes. 

We all know that Odoo launches its new and upgraded version every year. Odoo has upgraded itself from Odoo 14 to Odoo 15. Like every year, the Odoo Experience event has been conducted on October 6th, 2021. Now Odoo has launched its latest version, i.e., Odoo 15.  Every latest version is the upgraded edition of the last version, for example, Odoo 14 has more features and is more user-friendly than the Odoo 13. All things considered, this year Odoo has launched Odoo 15 which is more advanced than the previous version and has features to run the business more efficiently.

A quick glance at the anticipated features of Odoo 15:

  • Odoo 15 has an advanced Import Screen feature and this menu will help the Odoo users to handle cash rounding. This will surely improve the user experience while saving their time.

  • The Odoo Studio module of version 15 enables you to edit the Pivot Graph and View Graph. You can edit the graph and data views using Odoo studio as per your business needs.

  • The latest version will allow you to mark the products as favorites. And you can filter out all the favorite marked items at once. 

  • Furthermore, Odoo 15 added a feature that will give you an option to add a customer signature in a sale order. Also, your customers will have the option to ship products later. 

  • Moreover, in the Odoo 15 eCommerce module, you will see the option of the gift card, which means it will give you the option to pay using the gift cards. 

  • The lead management will become more advanced as Odoo 15 allows you to include a new Gmail addon in the pipeline management. This feature enables the creation of leads directly in Gmail.

  • In the Odoo 15 inventory module, the new filter will be able to detect negative stocks and duplicated serial numbers. 

  • Furthermore, this latest version will encompass the Instagram integration.

  • Also, the teams can work together on a single task, for example, the two employees can work together on a sales order at the same time.

  • Another expected Odoo 15 feature is a new HTML editor. This editor is a text editor that helps design web pages via Html codes.

  • Using the sales, purchase, or inventory module, you can add UoM in a particular Units category by Add line in UoM.

  • The eCommerce platform of Odoo 15 will include the share option. It will have share buttons for the product so that the user can share products on different social media platforms through the website portal.

Grow Your Business with Odoo 15

All the new features in Odoo 15 will help you manage the business operations with more efficiency. Also, the latest edition always comes with more user-friendly options that definitely save users time. 

OdooExpress is one of the most trusted Odoo Partners in the market. They have developed various innovative modules for their clients. Odooexpress is offering Odoo solutions to its clients and helping them migrate from previous versions to the newer version. They are the top Odoo 14 migration service providers and are now ready for version migration from Odoo 14 to 15. All things considered, the latest version of Odoo will give all the Odoo users new opportunities to improve and make their businesses more powerful.


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