Top Odoo support service providers

Need for ERP software in Advertising Agencies

OdooExpress provides full Odoo ERP support and maintenance service to its clients to resolve any type of issue. Continuous support allows customers to work more efficiently. Whether it is functional support or technical support, our Odoo experts and consultants cater to all kinds of issues you ask for. Our team provides full support and guides you with a proper solution, whether it is a bug fixing issue, data migration issue, or any customization issue. Odooexpress has a wide range of lucrative offers to fully satisfy your business needs, which you can avail from our Odoo Support Packs. Furthermore, our support team truly helps clients by resolving critical issues quickly and make their business process error-free.

We have categorized our support service in three levels on the basis of the criticality and complexity of the issue. First, the average complexity issue that can be resolved within 24 hours. Second, issues that can be fixed within 48 hours. And, third, the last one which can be resolved in 72 hours or more than that. At the same time, we make sure that the business will not hamper due to product issues or delay in fixing issues. Get Odoo help with us make the business process more efficient and convenient. Also, we provide support services on a daily basis, monthly basis, and Annual basis.

Odoo ERP Support and Maintenance Contracts

Important to realize, Odoo does not provide any direct support to the end-users. Although it can provide bug fixing support and Odoo online provides Odoo success pack. Odoo's success pack’s pricing is $120 per hour. Different from Odoo online, Odoo partner companies provide top support services and resolve all kinds of problems. Similarly, OdooExpress provides Odoo support and maintenance services within your budget. Also, we provide support in both Odoo community version as well as the Odoo Enterprise version.

Customer Relationship Management

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

With the annual maintenance contract (AMC), the client agrees with the contract terms and conditions which consists that we will provide full support ... and maintenance to the client a whole year. Also, we maintain all the product or customer contracts and agreements in one place. You have to pay on an annual basis with this annual support and maintenance package. To put it another way, whether you have only one issue over a year or multiple issues, you have to pay on an annual basis.

Marketing Automation

Daily Support and Monthly Support Contract (MSC)

Also, you can get Odoo support on a daily basis and pay on an hourly basis. Important to realize, it is short term support. On the other hand, we provide ...a monthly support contract, where clients pay on a monthly basis. Get full support from our team over month.

Finance and Accounting Management

Server Maintenance Contract:

When our client wants to lease an entire server that cannot be shared with anyone else, for this we have a server maintenance contract by which we will ...have an agreement with the client. In this contract, we provide numerous support such as Daily support, AMC, and MSC. OdooExpress provides end-to-end support and fix every small bug as well as big issues.

Project Management

Other Support and Maintenance Services

You can get a wide range of support from bug fixing, data migration, customization, consultation, etc. Another key point, get technical as well as ...functional support to run business operations smoothly and without any hurdle. OdooExpress has its presence in the USA, hence we provide Odoo support services in the USA as well.