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Error-Free And Hassle-Free Implementation Process

In simple words, the ERP implementation process consists of software installation, data transfer both financial as well as transactional data, process mapping, software development, and end-user training to use the software. Important to realize, proper implementation process leads to the success of any business. Furthermore, that is taken care of by highly experienced professionals. Another key point, our implementation process is totally error-free that is handled by experts. Achieve your short-term goal as well as long-term goal efficiently. We take care of everything that may become a hurdle in your business growth. With this intention, our implementation process is far away from the errors and it is truly risk-free. You will barely face any issue during the implementation process. It is because our implementation team is truly dedicated to their work and they are experts in what they do.

7 Major Stages Of Odoo ERP implementation Process

Better Project and Timesheet management

OdooExpress, the best Odoo ERP implementation company,  follows 7 steps for the completion of the implementation process. The first one is project planning and then it is followed by another 6 stages that are, gap analysis, design & development, quality testing, deployment, user training and the final one is continuous support and maintenance stage. Though this is an iterative process so it a possibility that phases may overlap. With the OdooExpress implementation team which has 10+ years of combined experience, the software implementation gets the best quality Odoo ERP software implementation.

Odoo ERP Implementation Process:

Project Planning

Before starting any ERP project one needs to plan the whole thing from deciding the team members to identify current issues and potential solutions. Important to realize, this stage is more focused on the construction of the project plan, which will truly serve us as a guide throughout the rest of the project. Appropriate Odoo implementation plan is the key to the success of an implementation. This initial phase provides the whole idea of functional as well as technical aspects that has to be carried out.

Gap Analysis

Analyzing all the gaps in all the processes on which the organization is working, is one of the basic steps after our client selects Odoo ERP system. In the first place, an experienced team of OdooExpress keenly observes all the processes then starts gathering all the requirements. Furthermore, they divide those requirements into phases that are based on the complexity of the requirements. In this phase, we do functional as well as technical gap analysis. The purpose of this gap analysis is to set out the detailed stage that has to be carried out.

Design and Development

At this stage, we work on the whole designing of the project and it decides how the new enterprise-wide system looks like. The ERP Design phase is all about various configurations for the new system, documenting standard procedures and, defining roles. After the configuration, the development phase starts and the purpose of this phase is to prepare the entire system for going live. This phase includes Odoo customization, if the client wants to add a specific feature in the particular app or module then we fulfill their specific requirement with the necessary customizations. At the same time, if they want to add an app or module in their system then our development team successfully develops a new app for them.

Quality Testing

To align the system’s functionality with all the requirements for the project, quality testing is necessary after the development process. Important to realize, in this phase our quality analyst team test all the functionalities developed and if there is any error or bug they will report to the development team to correct them. As a result, our system is all set to go for the deployment phase and then it goes live. To put it another way, it is the last stage before diving into the live system that goes live on the client’s server. OdooExpress delivers a 100% bug-free software system.

Deployment and Go live

After testing the set of functionalities, our project team and implementation team analyze and assess the situation again to ensure the final go. After the final analysis, the team loads and validates final data. All things considered, we freeze the phase then our team deploys the particular Odoo module or app on a client-server. We do not let our clients wait and keep them satisfied by deploying modules so quickly.

End-user Training

OdooExpress’s expert training team of Odoo ERP provides all the necessary training to the client’s workforce. That makes sure your business would be more efficient and gain maximum profit. As a matter of fact, end-user ERP training saves our client’s organization's time and extra cost. Important to realize, we understand all the requirements of users and train them accordingly. Also, we provide role-based training ant it truly impacts the efficiency of the business.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Due to the complexity of the implementation projects we always provide support services to our clients. With this in mind, that our clients will not face any difficulty with the system’s continuous adaptations to a lot of changes, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services. Another key point, our Odoo consultants and Odoo developers always provide complete support to the clients. OdooExpress’s aim is to make sure that our clients always get the maximum productivity from the Odoo ERP.