An Integrated Inventory Management System

Control stock level

A systematic approach is very important in any type of business process, similarly inventory management is also about obtaining and storing raw materials and finished goods systematically. It is the most important part of supply chain management. Both supply chain management and inventory management focused on delivery of right product on right time. Important to realize, proper inventory management makes sure that organization will never face the problem of shortage of needed materials and products on hand. Also, inventory management helps in keeping the cost as low as possible. Equally important, effective inventory management leads to excellent supply chain management. Important to realize, every organization faces stock control and inventory management problems and the best solution for this problem is a robust inventory management software. OdooExpress provides Odoo inventory management software to the wide range of companies and industries.

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Track Stock Item In Real-Time

Handle pick, pack and shipping efficiently

Warehouse management is not easy when it comes to keep track of each and every stock item. Odoo warehouse management easily handles inventory receiving and its placement. Also, it assists in optimizing picking and shipping of orders. This software system fluently handles all the activities associated with the inventory and warehouse as well as helps you to control and manage your day-to-day operations in a warehouse. In other words, manage the storage and movement of inventory flawlessly with the help of inventory management system. Track the movement of each and every stock item in real-time and make corrections or changes if required to avoid errors. To put it another way, continuously track items that are received, picked, packed and shipped. Importance of real-time information is, it helps you to show the best location for every item to be placed on the basis of historical trends and data.

Multiple Warehouse Location Management

Avoid overstocking and reduce costs

Odoo inventory management software truly helps in reducing overstocking and also saves operational costs. Furthermore, it enables untroubled tracking of inventory levels, sales orders, and deliveries of multiple warehouses. Another key point, it also synchronizes inventory with multiple warehouse location and removes geographical hurdles from the way of inventory management process. Top warehouse management software let you free from all the worries associated with the inventory management of multiple warehouses and locations, as now you can manage and control all the things from one place. In other words, you can monitor and control stock levels of every warehouse and also keep track of every unit. We also provide inventory management software for small businesses and our system is budget-friendly and very cost-effective. As has been noted that implementation of inventory management system surely reduce costs and save time and helps you to keep ahead of your competitors.

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Advantages Of Odoo Warehouse Management System

Project Management

Reduce overselling and stockouts

Odoo inventory and warehouse management software makes inventory tracking easier with the increased visibility and traceability. It helps you to ...control stock levels adjusts stocks automatically when sales order is processed and a purchase order is received. Also, it helps to eliminate the possibilities of overselling and stockouts by alerting you when your stock level is low or high.

Accounting management

Enhance inventory visibility

More visibility into your inventory allows to eliminate all the possible errors and also saves a lot of time. Equally important, you can track inventory and... stock level in real-time regardless of number of warehouses and its locations. To put it another way, you can keep a record of each item in your stocks and always be aware of the item’s shelf location.

Human Resource Management

Customizable order process flow

OdooExpress inventory management system allows you to design your own order process flow. Customized order process flow as per your convenience ... to put it differently, you can deliver orders to your customers in one step, order delivery or several steps such as picking, packing, and shipping. Furthermore, you can also design routing of your items to automate transfer orders between warehouses or locations.

Customer Relationship Management

Barcode Scanning

In professional services firms, client management is a very crucial part. Odoo's CRM module has a lot of unique features that ... With the use of barcode scanners you can flawlessly handle and track every inventory operation such as incoming shipments, packing orders, and more.