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Fleet Management in Odoo assist your organization to manage fleets and transportation divisions efficiently. It helps in enhancing capacity, efficiency, scheduling of maintenance, import of fuel exchanges and estimating of fleet performance by means of reports and diagrams which helps in decreasing total transportation and staff costs. Odoo Fleet Management allows transportation companies to attain a series of specific tasks relating to a company’s fleet of vehicles.

Odoo fleet management module takes care of every aspect of fleet management process. It keeps records of the vehicle, odometer value, costs, contracts, fuel logs and service logs of each vehicle. Moreover, it provides reports in a better way that user can understand the status at a single glance. It also provides indicative costs.

Registering a vehicle

We can select vehicles from vehicles to register a new vehicle. While registering we can add all properties of the vehicle such as model, license plate, tag, driver name etc. By this, we will be able to add complete details of the vehicle to the database.

Odometer value

This feature allows keeping a record odometer value at a specific date.

Vehicle Costs

This feature keeps track of all the amount spent on a specific vehicle. These costs could be related to maintenance or repair and lease or purchase of the vehicles.

Vehicle Contracts

This keeps track of all the contracts which has made on vehicles. You can easily add vehicle invoice date, the start date of the contract, contract expiration date, leasing type, recurring costs, and more.

Vehicle Fuel logs

Easily know all the details related to file expense of each vehicle. Furthermore, keep a tab on odometer value, fuel cost, vendor name, etc. by consistent tracking in real-time, and also know the amount of fuel added in real-time. 

  Vehicle Service logs

Vehicle service log keeps track of all the maintenance or service which is being done on the vehicle.

Reports of the vehicle

Reporting is done in such a way that the user can understand the status at a single glance. It shows the reports of each vehicle. This helps in better fleet management. We can generate the reports on the basis of total price and count.

Costs Analysis

Find the total expense on each vehicle by adding all the costs such as fuel, leasing, maintenance, repairing cost etc.  Now you can get a clear picture of the total cost of vehicles.


The configuration allows the user to set the user-defined values. The user can set the values for Vehicle model, Model Make of Vehicle, Service Type, Vehicle Status and Vehicle Tag.

We provide the Best Odoo Fleet Management Module Implementation Services

·        Real-time tracking of fleets, assets and sales team

·        Complete history search

·        Daily reports with graphs/distance travelled / top speed Etc.

·        Integrated with fleet management and ERP

·        No need of GPS devices (Android-based smartphones works)

·        FMS can be integrated with any tracking device

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