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10/29/2021 12:24:18 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

Every year Odoo launches a new and upgraded version; this is the reason it is known as one of the fastest-growing ERP solutions across the world. Most of the time, every year's 1st week of October, Odoo launches the latest version. Similarly, in 2021 Odoo launched the latest version Odoo 15 on 6th and 7th October at the event of the Odoo experience. There were so many speculations about what could be the new features, functionalities, and modules in Odoo 15. In this blog, I am going to mention some changes that a new version of Odoo has brought.

Let's have a look into some new features added in Odoo 15 modules


Odoo 15 Discuss module has a "Start a Meeting" option through which you can start live conferences with your team members. Simply invite the relevant team members by sending the meeting link that is generated automatically when you press the start a meeting button. You can do audio as well as video conferences. Furthermore, the “ctrl+k” tabs allow you to search anything quickly. You just have to press ctrl and k together and search team members' names and start chatting.


The calendar app also has changed a little bit, you can see the option above the calendar,i.e., Share Availabilities. Also, the filter has new options such as busy, free, public, private, etc.

Sales Management

When you go to the product tab, you can see the Star icon in front of every product, it means you can add the products as favorites and can filter out all the favorite products. It can be done in any module, including sales, purchase, and inventory. To put it another way,  you can see all the marked products in your favorite search panel.

Now, the UoM has an option to add or define the Unit category by adding a line. Also, the form view makes it easier to add the UoM category and define the units.

Inventory Management

When you go to any product you can see one more option which is "Is a Gift", along with Can Be Sold, Can Be Purchase, and Can Be Rented. The Odoo 15 inventory module allows you to create unique codes that are generated on the sale of Gift Cards. You can give those unique codes to the customer via email or physically.

Moreover, you can define the reservation method in the delivery orders, it can be At Confirmation, Manually, and Before the scheduled date. You just have to go to the configuration and choose the operation type and then select delivery orders, you will see the option for selecting the reservation method.

Website Module

The share functionality in the eCommerce website helps you share the products on social media platforms. Now you can click on the share button and share the products on various social media sites via the website portal.

Point of Sale (POS)

The latest Pon of Sale moduel of Odoo 15 has a new feature which is the Coupon program and the Promotion program. One can see these programs in the Pricing section of Settings. To put it another way, you can create coupon details in the system and then save them for later. Further, whenever required you can easily select the product and apply saved coupons at the Point Of Sale.

Additionally, you can see the Ship Late features in the new POS version, here you can sell the goods at the instance and ship them later using the Ship Later feature. This is one of the best features for POS Delivery functionality.


When you go to the configuration setting you can see the multiple team portion. It means you can assign the salespeople to multiple teams. This will surely boost up the sales activities because of the collaborative work of the sales team. 

Project Management

Odoo 15 project management solution has a new feature, i.e. Burndown Chart. You can go to the configuration and select the project, after choosing any project you'll see the section which is the Burndown chart. When you click on this section you will be able to see how the particular project flow is moving the phase-wise. This latest feature helps you identify the current trend. Also, you can anticipate the delay of the project completion and delivery.

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