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Odoo ERP has become the first choice of most businesses around the globe, regardless of their business size and type. The best thing about Odoo is that it has two editions that cater to all the business sectors. The Odoo community is best for startups and small businesses. On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise is best for medium sized to large companies. The thousands of Odoo apps and modules makes it the most powerful ERP that can cater to all the business requirements such as CRM, sales, accounting, point of sale, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, human resources, project management, and so on. All things considered, Odoo is the best business management software around the globe that is servicing all types and size of businesses.

Certified Odoo Experts

We have a strong and skilled team of certified Python developers and Odoo ERP consultants.

Client Satisfaction

OdooExpress believes in providing the best services and solutions to clients by developing the solutions as per their needs.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the most competitive implementation price and provide a smooth implementation experience.

OdooExpress For Odoo Implementation

Odoo Implementation is the process of implementing Odoo ERP applications and modules. Once the business chooses Odoo, they need support or assistance from the experts who know Odoo's all the aspects. OdooExpress has helped so many companies across the globe to leverage Odoo modules for increasing business efficiency and faster growth. When you choose the right Odoo partners like OdooExpress, you will get the complete package deal. We not only know Odoo from its core but also the business requirements and workflow. We provide the implementation services to all sizes of businesses and consider each step of the implementation process as one of the most important aspects of business success.

OdooExpress is the best implementation partner and we perform a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process to understand the business needs and flow. Once we have a complete understanding of the business's operations, workflow, and standard practices, we start planning the implementation process. OdooExpress knows how important it is to implement an ERP solution for a business, this is why we take special care of the company's requirements that are clearly understood by our Odoo expert team. We offer hassle-free implementation to all our clients and fulfill their implementation expectations. We follow a very efficient methodology to complete the Odoo ERP implementation.

Why Choose Odoo ERP?

Odoo is one of the best platforms for all size companies to manage their business operations. This software can be modified/customized in accordance with the company's specific requirements. The flexible architecture will enable the business to get a solution that is crafted for their business flow. There can be hundreds of reasons to select odoo as your ERP solution. Some of the most effective ones are:

Flexible Architecture

Open Source Solution

Easy Integration

Comprehensive ERP

Low Cost of Ownership

Better Collaboration

Modular Structure

Fastest Growing Software

Thousands Of Business Apps

Services OdooExpress Offers

OdooExpress is one of the top Odoo service provider companies and offers robust Odoo solutions and services. We have a team that is enriched with highly skilled experts, including technical as well as functional. The team of developers and consultants is what makes us a strong Odoo service provider.

Odoo Installation and Configuration
Module Development
Mobile App Development
Website Development
Odoo ERP Customization
Odoo ERP Implementation
User Training
Odoo Migration
Third-party Integration
Consistent Support and Maintenance
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Implementation Methodology We Follow

Detailed Requirement Analysis

Our team of certified Odoo consultants and business analysts get into the detailed discussion with the clients to comprehend their business requirements. The in-depth discussion is really necessary as it lets us know what exactly our clients need. We keep our clients' requirements top priority and deliver the expected results by doing the best implementation planning.

Development and Customization

After comprehending the requirements, we move ahead and quickstart the development of Odoo. We make sure that we develop or customize the modules in a way that the software can serve customers' business needs in the right way. Also, we ensure our development is carried out as per the industrial norms and standards.

Data Migration

Migration of data is one of the most crucial tasks while implementing ERP software. To make the implementation successful, we migrate the customer's old data into Odoo so that they will not miss any information and start using the system with all of their crucial data. We make the transition very smooth by transferring the data from the old ERP to the Odoo with the utmost concentration and cautiousness.

Quality Testing

After the development, customization, and data migration, our quality analyst team carries out the proper testing of the solution. In case of any issue, the testing team reports to the development team to fix the issue. The testing is carried out continuously until no issue is found.

User Training

Once the solution is tested and verified that it is working properly, the expert will move further to proceed with the user training. We plan the training session very effectively, i.e., department-wise. In this way, the client team will get the functional training as per their departments and it will make the user training process seamless.

Go Live

As soon as the development team finishes the development and customization and the testing team approves the developed system, our developers deploy the solution on the client's server.

Support and Maintenance

Post-implementation, we stay with our clients and provide the required support and maintenance. In case of any functional difficulties, usage restrictions, or any other issues, our team provides the best Odoo support and maintenance services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a certified Odoo partner?

Certified Odoo partners are important, they ensure your business success by implementing Odoo successfully.

Can I have the free Odoo trial?

Yes, you can have the free Odoo trial by requesting a trial from the https://www.odooexpress.com/contactus page

How much time is enough to implement Odoo?

Normally it can take 2 to 3 weeks although the time duration depends on your requirements.

What is the cost of implementing Odoo ERP?

The exact cost can only be calculated once the Odoo experts perform a gap analysis and identify the business needs. In simple words, the Odoo implementation price depends on the number of business requirements and their complexity.

To know more about the pricing contact us via email: info@odooexpress.com or connect with one of our experts by using the following link: https://www.odooexpress.com/contactus

Is it possible to implement Odoo by myself?

Yes, it is possible if you come from a very rich technical background and have extensive knowledge about Odoo ERP software.